Planetarium On The Go - Digital Portable Planetarium Greek version

2018 Planetarium low2Planetarium On the Go is a 6m semi-permanent fixed Dome structure with seats for the spectators. It's main feature is the high quality projection surface, with an area of 57 square meters. An Astronomy Event consists of Planetarium Shows and observations through a telescope. By showing the fascinating discoveries in space exploration, it both inspires and educates people of all ages about our surroundings - the Earth itself and our place in the Universe.

We come to your place, even in the most remote locations, offering a high quality immersive educational experience. We organize events at schools, museums, science centers, libraries or any public place.

Telescope observations - interactive feature: Should the weather permits, spectators can also observe through a telescope, the starry sky during the night or the Sun through a special solar filter during the day.

Capacity: Planetarium On The Go has 38 seats and can accommodate about 45 spectators per show, with the excess spectators sitting in pillows. We can also accommodate wheelchair users.

Planetarium shows: We have a wide range of digital full dome (360o) productions, some available in 24 languages. You can find all the available shows, their trailers and descriptions here:

A member of our team, Theofanis Matsopoulos, is a partner of European Southern Observatory (ESO). He specializes in full-dome cinematography and video production for digital planetariums.

Planetarium On The Go operates under the supervision of Nikolaos Matsopoulos, an astronomer for 41 years at the National Observatory of Athens.

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Planetarium on the Go is a member of the International Planetarium Society  (IPS)7762.IPS Logo Official 2017

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